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This is my team, my sport and my video I produced.

Even if you have no idea what synchronized skating is — just watch this. The video portion is only 4.5 mins of your life that you won’t regret. Hey, you can say you at least learned of/appreciated this relatively new sport.


A couple of weeks ago I was asked to make a video that would be presented to potential NEXXICE sponsors at the corporate level. I agreed and took on the challenge of producing my first legitimate video montage.

Cheers to an incredible journey (so far) of many highs and a few lows. Piecing together this video allowed me to rediscover as well as share so many beautiful moments with everyone throughout these past three years. Thank you to all the NEXXICE fans, alumni, teammates, coaches, judges, & parents who all contributed to NEXXICE’s success.

Music: Go Do - Jónsi / We Will Rock You - Queen
Video: CBC World Championship coverage 2009-2011, French Cup International 2010
Produced by: Kristen Loritz

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